Picture yourself on the road, going home after a while of not visiting, let’s say your home is Los Angeles (because in reality who wouldn’t like to live in L.A) the EP HER TOO is coming along with you. SiR, the newest member of TDE came out with his 6th song project titled HER TOO. It’s a mixture of R&B, hip hop, soul, and mellow sounds with amazing features. You can see why T.D.E decided to make him part of their family.


On the way to L.A you start to think about the new changes you might see, and start to questions if you’ll see more gentrification, diversity, hipsters, rallies, but SiR’s song New LA targets something more specific: women. He sings, “She don’t even wanna to know my name


These new LA girls are all the same.” New LA, has an upbeat R&B flow which is accompanied by the voices of Anderson Paak. and King Mez. Which makes one wonder have LA women really changed?


As you’re almost approaching home you see what you’ve been missing or as SiR sings,”He probably told you life was black and white, he was only trying to dim your light I’m just here to add a little color to the canvas, baby, red is for the heart.” Los Angeles is known for a lot of things especially artists, SiR is from Inglewood, CA and his album is surrounded with that type of vibe.


You’re off the 110 (One ten, for all my LA people) freeway, and you hear your phone ring, you are five minutes away from home, your boss calls you, or your classmates calls you for questions on the group project, or someone calls you that you don’t FW, and your feelings are clearly depicted in Don’t Call My Phone: “If I offend you, bro I promise that I really meant to…So don’t call my phone no more, I ain’t picking up.” In this song it’s obvious SiR is not here for the drama.


Home, that is where you’re at now and I bet you want to relax after that long road trip. But you realize you only have a little of time in LA so you hit the clubs and you meet someone, Ooh Nah Nah’s sound is a romantic melody. Lyrics like,”May fall in love again if I stay too long. What we did last night, oh it was amazing,” reminds one of that special connection one has to home. The next song, Sugar is relevant to the previous song, “Feeling so empty I’ve been away. I’ve been away for so long and I know sugar misses me. Didn’t know it would be this hard to be strong, honey tryna convince me.” These lyrics are talking about a lover, and following my L.A storyline  I’m using it as a connotation for missing LA or wherever home is to you.


Finally, as you leave LA, you realize you will always be a W$ boi or W$ girl (westside boy/girl) despite the violence you underwent. The song W$ Boi sheds light on the phrase: You can take the boy out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the boy. “I grew up on the other side of Figuero, Figueroa, mama’s mama came to California from Louisiana. Never banged, never claimed a set, but if they gonna try to put me in a coffin I’m gonna hit them with the… I’m a west side boy, I’m a west side boy.”


Like SiR, stay humble. His EP HER TOO is a great listen! Check him out!


By: Vall Flores


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