A Closer Look at Northern Nights

By Matt Dennis

Northern Nights is this weekend, July 20th-22nd and this is one festival you don’t want miss! This year marks the 6th annual Northern Nights Music Festival. This spectacular 3-day music festival takes place in the beautiful Cook’s campgrounds in Humboldt county. Last week we spoke with some attendees about why they are going to Norther Nights. Their answers were almost identical: the river stage, the community vibe and of course the killer lineup. With no surprise many of the Northern Nights team members had similar sentiments.

While talking with members of the Northern Nights team we found out the amount of passion and care that goes into making this festival. The enthusiasm of those who work to make this festival happen is only matched by that of its attendees. Everyone involved in this festival agrees that one of the greatest parts of this festival is its small community vibe.

“Northern Nights is amazing because it’s a smaller festival, you get to camp under the redwoods and it has this magical fairy foresty feel,” said Northern Nights Street Team Director, Sarah West. “It really is the best of both worlds: with the earthy aspects because of the water feature and has a community aspect that makes it feel like family.”

This Northern Nights has become even better thanks to some amazing new partners for the festival. Chico State Alumni Cheyenne Havens currently works with Northern Nights handling logistics and shared with us some of the amazing partners that helped make Northern Nights happen.

“This year we’re excited to continue our relationship with the cannabis industry by partnering with numerous farms and dispensaries. Andrew and Peter(co-founders) have done a great job teaming up with dozens of California-based dispensaries and local Humboldt farms to expand on the existing Cannabis history programming, which will take place in two select areas: NN Tree Lounge and VIP,” explained Havens. Partners like Emerald Exchange, WyldeHeart Ranch, Redwood Roots, and World Famous Productions help to make VIP lounge what it is. This year’s VIP areas include fabulous amenities such as therapeutic massages, a full stocked bar with a Happy Hour that includes local treats and drinks, experiential activities with cannabis and more.

The VIP lounges aren’t the only reason to upgrade your ticket, West informed us of some of the amenities included in the VIP camping area. “VIP camping includes an already set up set, community area featuring complimentary coffee and private bathrooms and showers,” explained West. VIP attendees should make sure to sign up for guided tours of cannabis farms in the area. “If you don’t have a VIP pass I would definitely recommend doing the upgrade,” urged Havens.

Like any other festival one of the main reasons to attend is the lineup which also had a huge influence from the Northern Nights partners: Star Hill and Dirty Bird. These amazing partners helped to bring some of the fantastic acts on the lineup. “Star Hill which is connected to Red Light (artist agency) helped to pull spectacular artists and get some of the bigger names…,” said West, “… they are a huge supporter and we are lucky to have them.”

And when talking about Northern Nights of course we must talk about the Dirty Bird Takeover. This takeover will include artists like Worthy, Justin Martin and more. “We’ve been working very closely with

Dirty Bird,” explained West, “they have a huge dedicated fan base and we are so excited to showcase their artists.”

While the headliners may be the reason you go to Northern Nights, we highly recommend checking out some of the other acts. Northern Nights showcases a ton of local talents including Rossy and Snuffy. who are no strangers to Chico. Havens is especially excited for the local artists taking the Northern Nights stages. “…this year is super special to me because my older brother, Roy Havens, will be throwing down on the main stage Friday before the Dirtybird takeover. You better all come shake your tail feather with me right and center that night.”

This amazing lineup will split up between several stages including the River and Grove stages. This year is the first year Northern Nights has publicly announced the Bunker stage, which is usually a secret stage left for attendees to find. “The Bunker Stage is now a real stage with a professional production,” said West. “I am so excited to see what the final product looks like and I can’t wait to see the secret sets performing there.”

The 5,000+ suspected attendees of Northern Nights will not only get to experience an amazing community and killer lineup, but the festival also showcases unique works of art. “Art and music go hand in hand, they run in the same community” is why they have such a huge art collective explained West. There will be several spectacular art pieces featured in the festival which adds an esthetically pleasing aspect to the festival.

While Northern Nights will blow you away with the amount of fun and talent you will be experiencing we can’t forget about the festivals commitment to sustainability. The festival has a “Leave No Trace” policy to encourage its attendees to mind the space and leave the environment in pristine condition. The festival has even won an award from a UK based nonprofit called A Greener Festival. Northern Nights received the “Commended Award” for their environmentally friendly practices.

If you haven’t yet bought your ticket Northern Nights ticket, there is still time. Even if you only attend one festival this year it’s clear what that choice should be. “This year is going to be the biggest and best yet,” stated West, “Everyone on the team from the ground up is extremely hyped for this year.” Get your tickets today and we will see you under the redwoods or on the river.