Snuffy Interview

Northern Nights Featured Artist: Snuffy.

By Matt Dennis

This year’s Northern Nights Music Festival is overflowing with talent including some local artists from right here in Chico. One of the artists on our must see list this year is a new act to the Northern Nights stage: Snuffy.

Snuffy. is a unique duo formed by Andre Kouchechey, from Palo Alto, and Duncan Green, from San Luis Obispo. The two met in San Luis Obispo when they formed Good Nature Collective, a record company that has grown to include international talent. Snuffy. was originally a pet project of Kouchechey’s but the project didn’t really take off until he begun his partnership with Green.

“Pretty much the person who taught me everything was Duncan,” explained Kouchechey. “Kinda like a master mentor thing turned into a partnership.”

The two have been interested in music from young ages. Green has been taking band while in school since the third grade. Green went to college for Jazz and has been producing now for about 8 years. When the two met a little over a year and a half ago Green begun teaching Kouchechey about production, which sparked their partnership.

Kouchechey and Green from an interesting duo because of their difference in musical influences and the fact that the two are not only musical partners but roommates as well.

“Its been wild…” explained Kouchechey, “but I feel like if we can overcome being roommates then we can overcome any musical differences.”

Kouchechey has always been interested in music but his passion for music didn’t manifest until he begun producing. Kouchechey’s musical inspiration comes from bay area roots rap music and early 2000’s hip hop. While Green’s inspiration comes from artists like Bob Dylan and John Casey and takes a more lyrical approach. Both however do draw inspiration from artists like Mr. Carmack and members of the Courteous family.

This duo has such a unique sound that has is hard to classify.

“The most accurate representation is like psychedelic hip-hop,” stated Green.

“We like to incorporate snippets of music and get weird with it,” added Kouchechey.

After the formation of Good Nature, the duo begun playing as many shows they could, so excited to get out and seize every opportunity. After playing at several house and beach parties the two begun playing shows, opening for acts like Wolfgang Gartner and Drezo. Around this time the members of Good Nature begun to spread out and Snuffy, moved up to Chico.

Upon moving to Chico the two discovered the amazing the crowd that exists here. They began playing music in Chico at the Basement, a once a week electronic music event. Shortly after moving to Chico the duo got involved in EPIC productions, a CSU Chico State Alumni run business specializing in concert production & promotions. Through EPIC the duo has had the opportunity to play huge shows and open for acts like Carnage.

“Playing that Carnage show was so fun…” said Green, “… Chico has a more down crowd!”

Thanks to their partnership with EPIC Snuffy. will be performing at this year’s Northern Nights Music Festival. This will be the duo’s first time not only performing at Northern Nights but attending as well. The duo is very excited not only to perform at Northern Nights but to participate as well. When asked what they were excited for with the festival Green responded with “The River! Let’s Go!”

It’s not too late to see this amazing duo and the other talented acts at this years Northern Nights Music Festival happening this July 20th through the 22nd. Follow Snuffy. on Facebook and Sound Cloud to stay up to date on their performances and new music releases. Snuffy. is definitely a duo to keep your eyes on.