A Few of my Favorite Things: Northern Nights 2018

By Reba Smith

After a beautiful early morning drive through the redwood trees we arrived at the Cooks Campground where the gates to Northern Nights had just opened and cars full of excited and anxious people were waiting to start their weekend shenanigans. Hammocks were being strung in the grove campground, everywhere you looked giant floaties here being blown up, the pedicabs were in full force, and despite the summer heat everyone had a massive smile on their face.

With a weekend full of so many amazing moments it’s hard to write a quick recap so below i’m going to give you guys my top 10 moments from this years Northern Nights (in no particular order).

1.) The Friday night Dirtybird showcase. Everyone along with their totems flocked to the main stage as soon as it opened to dance to some of the best house music around. The crowd was literally glowing and had turned into a whole new group of people as soon as it became dark. At one point I even watched people do double-dutch with a light up jump rope.

2.) Finding the EPIC camp, connecting with everyone from Chico, and being able to hear a set from Confido.

3.) Around 3 am, randomly stumbling upon a secret stage on a bus with a giant LED screen where Joyzu and Roger That played a set that ended with an iconic Daft Punk mix.

4.) River Stage all the way. There was nothing better than having camp set up, rallying the squad, and being able to escape the heat by riding an inflatable unicorn or laying in a hammock in the river while listening to some slappers from the River Stage.

5.) Dancing with a pineapple front row during Thomas Jack then proceeding to feed that pineapple to everyone around me in the crowd.

6.) Absolutely everything about the Grove Stage. Being in the trees already made it feel like you were in a fairy tale but then the amazing Neverland themed decor really brought that to life. There were comfy places to relax, a huge dance floor, and an area to write/post love notes. The absolute best part though was the pirate ship you could hang out on which included a plank to walk off of into… A BALL PIT!

7.) Rossy back to back Madnap at the silent disco! I love Rossy already and hearing their set made me an even bigger fan. She’s definitely someone to keep an eye (and ear) on. This girl is going places!

8.) Annie Dolly bringing some killer rap vibes to DivaDanielle’s late night Bunker Stage set. The newly remodeled Bunker stage in general was one of my favorite things from this year. Every night until sunrise it was the place to either dance out the rest of your energy then relax on some comfy AstroTurf. The performers on this stage were unreal and like nothing i’ve ever seen before. Shout out to the Grinder Girls!

9.) Seeing all the massive live art being created and watching the progress each day. The artists were really cool down to earth people that loved doing what they do and that was clear in their picture perfect work.

10.) Mr. Carmack not only throwing down but giving a little pep talking about being there for your friends. To me, one of the best parts of being at a festival is having moments like this where artists are able to connect with us on a personal level.

Northern Nights is a magical place that quickly becomes your home away from home. The community of people are welcoming and not afraid to be who they are. Everyone is truly there to enjoy the music and have fun together. As always, it was hard to leave but luckily there’s next year to look forward to. So don’t forget to #makethejourney for summer 2019.

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