A Short Chat with Party Favor

Interview with Dylan Ragland, also known as Party Favor. Interviewed by Collin Turner for KCSC Radio at Snowglobe Festival on December 29th, 2018.

CT: What made you want to get into electronic music?

Party Favor: I fell in love with electronic music really early on, in high school. The only people making house music at that time lived in Europe. Then I went to college and brought that love over — my love of electronic music and mashups. Over time I started DJ’ing, started throwing parties in college. At the time I was DJ’ing, I wasn’t even making music. And then I graduated college, I was working at a real person job, I decided to quit one day and just pursue this… that’s the super abbreviated version.

CT: You were born in Manhattan and now you’re based in L.A. Is California home?

PF: California’s home. Almost all my family lives here, I’ve lived here most of my life, so yeah, California’s definitely home. The lifestyle — it’s also a way of life for me — I feel much more like a California person than I do New York. I love New York though, was just there last week.

CT: Considering how fast the electronic genre grows and changes, is it hard to stay on top of the trends?

PF: Yeah, I think it is. I think that the important thing is to not always chase trends, try to keep doing you, and what made you popular… because if you’re constantly chasing trends, you’re a trend chaser. You literally are someone who’s not allowing yourself to have any real sound. There’s ways to take your sound and have it blend and grow with the times. That’s also one of the hardest things to do, you know, how do you stay relevant?

CT: You’ve been touring consistently all year, from Coachella and Hard Summer to China and Indonesia. Do any of those shows stand out as the most memorable?

PF: You know I think it goes without saying that Coachella, for any artist — doesn’t matter if you’re in rock, or rap, or hip hop, or country, it doesn’t matter — Coachella is kind of the pinnacle, and for me to be able to play there… I mean, for me, that’s something I never even dreamed would happen and for me when I was up there, it was like a pinch-me moment the whole time. All those countries you named, I’ve been very fortunate to be able to play all over the world and everywhere I go it always blows my mind to look out and see people singing my songs and they don’t even speak my language.

CT: So after tonight’s set you’re going straight to Hakkasan in Las Vegas, and then San Bernardino for Countdown on New Year’s Eve. Is there anything special about playing shows to ring in the New Year?

PF: Yeah, I think New Year’s weekend is one of those weekends like, you know, Halloween weekend, Fourth of July Weekend, where everyone just plans to party. I think people are kind of in the mind state where they want to go crazy and wild. This might be the craziest weekend yet because two of the days we have two shows those days. It’s just a whirlwind to do all the travel and everything else.

CT: Do you have any resolutions for 2019?

PF: Oh man… continue drinking a lot of water. And put out my album! I’m really excited to tour, put out my album and really stay true to our vision and brand with our stage production, visuals, everything. It’s all kind of becoming a new brand and a new identity, so at least for 2019 that’s the plan. I want to make sure I stick to it and don’t get too hard on myself and start to turn away.

CT: We’re excited for that. Congratulations.

PF: Thank you, man.

Collin Turner

Local Music Director