Album Review: A Tale So Familiar- Nana Adjoa

by: Kai Henriksen

Nana Adjoa brings an abundance of creativity to the table with her great new album A Tale So Familiar. The dreamy tracks in the album use unique chord progressions that you wouldn’t expect as well as a variety of instruments. Nana Adjoa’s vocals are rich and emotional in all these tracks which adds another aspect of beauty to the music. Although each track features compelling progressions, there is a decline of tempo and instrumental intensity throughout this album. Track one, Sometimes Love is Evil, is definitely the most driving and powerful song whereas track four, Simmer Down is more ethereal. However, this is not detrimental to the enjoyment one gets out of listening to the album.

Although the first song’s lyrics are a bit repetitive, Sometimes Love is Evil showcases great use of dynamics and development as the track progresses. It features smooth acoustic guitar lines that are very melodically pleasing as well as driving drums and dynamic, confident female vocals.

DOOA starts off slowly with a subtle but constant metronome-like ticking which transforms into a compelling and complex drum track consisting of various clicks and taps. This song is very melancholy but has a powerful chorus that uses interesting chords and makes want to listen to it many more times. Nana Adjoa’s voice is simply fantastic in this song and makes the track much more emotional.

Simple Things begins with acoustic guitar and Nana Adjoa’s vocals which are rich and clear. She continues to use chord progressions that you don’t normally hear in this song especially in the chorus and she pulls it off well.

Simmer Down is a slower song with soft electric guitar, grand piano, and warm vocals. This song’s hook is very captivating yet only a handful of measures which makes you savor it as it passes.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy this album from start to finish and have to come to appreciate Nana Adjoa’s artistic talent. Although this album is only four songs long, all the tracks in A Tale So Familiar are compelling and hold your interest until the end. Nana does a great job of changing the chord progression and adding breakdowns in the middle of songs in order to keep things interesting. Nana Adjoa’s is a skillful composer, vocalist, and musician who makes very unique music and I would definitely recommend this album to people that enjoy dreamy indie and art pop as well as anyone who just wants to explore quality unique music.