Interview with Life of Agony’s bassist Alan Robert

Credit: Tim Tronchoe Photography.

by Savannah Rubalcava

“Life of Agony has been releasing music for a long time now, since the 80’s and 90’s. Are there any music genres that have emerged since Life of Agony started playing that you really like or inspires you?”

Yea, there’s Muse, Radiohead, and Royal Blood. There are some really interesting things going on with technology in music. 

“Are there any artists Life of Agony would like to collaborate with?” 
Well we just finished playing on stage last night with Doyle from the Misfits (on our S.O.S tour), and it would be my dream to play with the entire original line-up of Misfits. You know we’ve played on stage with a lot of our idols, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne. 

“Which was your favorite Life of Agony  album to record and why?” 
I would have to say this last album (The Sound of Scars). It’s because we went back to our roots for this one, and it was fun. And we recorded this album on analog rather than digital recording. 

“Are there any songs, old or new, that you just hate playing on stage?”
No. I love playing every one of our songs for the fans. 

“Are there any genres outside of the hard rock/metal scene Life of Agony members would like to pursue music in?” 

Yea, and each of us has had our own side projects outside of the band. Mina has a singer/songwriter career. I have a separate punk band and we’re really inspired by Rancid. Veronica was playing with DMC of RUN-DMC before she joined us. Previously she had worked with Richie Sambora and Jeff Beck.  

“Life of Agony covered, “Don’t You Forget About Me”. How did the band decide to go about this?”
(chuckles) We actually did that a while ago, back in 1995. You know, we heard it on the “Breakfast Club” and decided to cover it from then on. We all loved and respected that song.  
Alan Robert is the bassist and main songwriter for the New York based metal band Life of Agony. Also a successful and critically acclaimed comic book illustrator and author, Robert is currently on an international tour for Life on Agony’s latest album, The Sound of Scars. Robert’s horror coloring books and comics can be found on his website . You can buy tickets for Life of Agony’s current tour on their official website and Robert’s.