Album Review a Year or Two Late: Great Finds in KCSC’s CD Library: Beacon’s Gravity Pairs (2019)

By Savannah Rubalcava

“Be my organ now, and play for me” – “Be my Organ” (Track 2) 

Combining lyrics that bridge metaphors with the feelings we travel through in life, Beacon merges a sweet young vocal range over an electronic background, making music that speaks better than a lot of us can with language alone. Described as “cathartic” on Beacon’s website and their record label, Ghostly, “Gravity Pairs” begins and ends with songs that all deserve their own music video.  

I picked this album up by pure chance months ago and have consistently listened to it since. Perfectly speaking to the current electronic scene, Beacon tells you how to feel and how you feel, better than you can explain yourself. 

“I knew I wanted it all,
until I can’t breathe,
and it’s coming on.
I’m left with nothing, but skin and bones”
– “The Road” (Track 7) 

I paused in my step when I heard Thomas Mullarney III sing, “And I want you like I never had a doubt” – “Little Words” (bonus track). 

The intensity of their beats follows right behind their stellar lines. An impressive feat by an electronic duo, a theme of love in its dimensions and trials is guided through the album that only disappoints because it ends.  

Like with all great albums, Gravity Pairs is an experience from your ears to your eyes as they widen. 

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