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KCSC Staff and Interns Fall 2019 Vinyl Sale (Eddie Aldrete/Production Manager/CSU, Chico)

KCSC premiered on March 14, 1951 as part of the Speech and Drama Department in what is now Ayers Hall as a radio drama on the camp s public address system.

In the early 60s Chico State’s campus became another world after a handful of radio enthusiasts adopted KCSC and created the beginning of rock and roll radio in Chico. As the 70s hard-rock “thing” waned, KCSC listeners found

a new friend in the Livewire — DJs who would always play their requests. Always a few steps ahead of the trend, KCSC was named “Best College Radio Station” in a 1987 SPIN survey.

Today, KCSC Radio thrives on internet radio where we have been for the last 20 years. We keep the legacy of KCSC by promoting indie, experimental and brand new artists to the Chico State Campus and Chico community.

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