KCSC is dedicated to providing CSU Chico students, the Chico community and the world with information, entertainment, and culture otherwise unavailable through traditional commercial radio programming. KCSC’s programming is designed to bridge the pendulum of control and freedom in an appropriate manner that allows it to exist and manifest itself as the only viable alternative media solution, while still maintaining accessibility to potential listeners. Somewhere between classic “album oriented rock”, progressive-alternative, news talk, and free-format programming there is a continual and evolving sound that is at once both fresh and recognizable. The consistent Dedication to “organized eclecticism” is what KCSC tries to foster.

As a learning experience, “freedom” is obviously as important to the manner in which on-air talent (DJs) develop their skills, knowledge and proficiency, as maintaining the fun and relaxing environment that nurtures the previously stated. Freedom exists in the ability for DJs to structure, prepare, and produce their shows within limited confines. These confines are, unfortunately, necessary to achieve the goals of KCSC. In a perfect world, KCSC would provide everyone the ability to play what they want, when they want and how they want. However, as an instrument of the associated students and the student population, KCSC must fall in-line with the mission and/or goals of the A.S. Within These loose confines, though, there exists a place where individualism flourishes and the spirit of resistance, rebellion and rock ‘n’ roll runs rampant.

Through creative,  informative and explorative techniques, KCSC is constantly challenging itself in the endeavor of expanding the cultural, social and informational possibilities available to all people and communities. As a student media program, KCSC encourages participants to speak their own mind, in their own voices, and on their own terms in an appropriate manner. Like a newspaper, KCSC functions as a media outlet for student expression and discussion. Messages should come across in an understandable fashion to the general listener. Participants should analyze, visualize and translate these messages in their head before acting so that distortion and degradation are absent.

Additionally, KCSC does not insult or humiliate anyone on a social, sexual, political, gender or racial level. KCSC strives to be a vital and positive resource for growth both on the CSU Chico campus and in the community. To help realize these goals, KCSC reaches out to other campus community organizations.