Intern at KCSC!

Pick up an application at the station (@BMU 006) and spend some time with our DJs!

Applications deadlines will be updated once the Fall 2020 semester begins. Due to COVID-19, KCSC Radio’s services have been halted. – Questions: text (661)-340-6671

KCSC Radio invites all students from different majors and backgrounds to apply. It doesn’t matter if you have little to no experience with radio, communications, technology, and/or media design. Although these skills do help and we invite them! Every semester we have new interns help us run our station.

The application asks you to create a personal playlist so we can get an idea of your music taste. When filling out the form, make sure to pay attention to our music philosophy. We definitely do not promote music that is already on BILLBOARD’s TOP 40. And be prepared to explain how your skills can help contribute to the station. Don’t be shy! 

If you are looking for any extra resources or references, go through our recently updated manual linked here.

Consult the Board of Directors page for an up to date list of names and contact information of staff positions.