Music Philosophy

There is no easy way to distinguish between the music that should be allowed to be played and that which should not. This can be debatable and frustrating aspect of controlling the incoming music. Music allowed on KCSC should meet the following requirements:

  1. It must help the station meet the Mission Statement; to help broaden the musical tastes and horizons of listeners by providing music that pushes the boundary of what is considered popular music.
  2. It must not be receiving airplay on any competing commercial stations. It is a necessity to distinguish ourselves as providing our listeners with something different than what they could easily listen to on another station.
  3. If the song, album or artist has charted in billboard’s top 40 at anypoint in the last 20 years it is not allowed to be played on KCSC Radio. This is the hard rules that helps to stop some of the debating that can be done with the previous two rules. If at any point you are wondering if your chosen song violates this rules please consult

Music at KCSC should be both entertaining and educational. In many ways KCSC is very liberal in what can be played. In fact every genre is happily welcomed. This varies from commercial radio since KCSC seeks to play the best of rock/rap/pop/dance/punk/etc. On a commercial radio station, music must stick to the mind- numbing repetition of one given genre and strict programming structures, but KCSC is a forum where music from all genres, all times and all places can theoretically be played.

The nature of the music industry means that most bands on major levels are receiving airplay across various radio and television stations throughout the country. This makes independent music, or indie, an easy choice for the variety of music that is applicable to the format. This criteria also eliminates many of the major label bands, not because of any music snobbery, but because they simply do not fit the KCSC format. People will undoubtedly complain about how (insert their favorite band/artist) cannot be played on the station, even if KCSC recognizes they are the greatest thing that ever happened to music. However, it is a necessity to prevent this sort of airplay if KCSC is to distinguish itself as something different than other radio stations; a vestige at a new and flourishing, underground, independent music.

However, if a band on a major label meets the criteria (not being played elsewhere, not top 40, or helps to promote a broader musical experience that is not typically found) then should be made available for play.

Remember, KCSC strives to bring fresh, entertaining, and educational programming to listeners. The music we allow should also meet these needs. One thing KCSC is not, is a place where DJs play any artist they want. It is a place where they can play any genre they choose, and should feel free to explore the best that their favorite genre has to offer.

People are not born with musical knowledge, and like everything else, it takes work and studying to introduce one’s ears to a plethora of sounds that allows a greater appreciation of music. If you are forced to listen to something long enough you may often end up liking it a little more than you thought you did. This maturation process is due to the greater understanding of that type of music and ultimately provides a greater appreciation of that music.

Hopefully this works into the general aspects of people’s lives and increases the enjoyment of life for our listeners. KCSC maybe doesn’t save lives, but enhances them….sure.

So quick recap:

KCSC Music is….

  • Non commercial (not played on commercial stations)
  • Entertaining (people listen for enjoyment)
  • Educational (broadens music taste)

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